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Craigslist Censored: Craigslist Adult Section – Services Removed

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Craigslist Censored: Craigslist Adult Section – Services Removed – Craigslist has finally caved into the pressure and has censored their highly trafficked adult services section. The adult services section of the site was well known for prostitution ads, and the move was made in an effort to put an end to that. A number of different organizations have been calling for this move for quite some time, most notably after the arrest of the “Craigslist Killer,” who used the service to pick up girls and then murder them.

The website has been accused of promoting prostitution in the past but has made every effort to ensure that the ads are quickly removed from their website. This is the first time that they have gone as far as to sensor the ads.

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Police officials have also been known to run stings using the service. They post up an ad of a supposed prostitute, and then bust anyone who responds to the ad. The section that formerly read “adult services” on the website now simply says “censored ” in America but can be seen in other countries.

It is not clear if the service completely removed the section and replaced it, or if they just changed the name. A spokesperson from the website said that they were willing to support any effort to put an end to prostitution on their website, but also said that they were not willing to completely remove all adult sections, as many exchanged take place within them that are completely legal. It will be interesting to see how the censorship affects the number of ads posted within the censored section.

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