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Creationism Pushed By 13 Percent Of Biology Teachers

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A recent collection of data has revealed that around 13 percent of all biology teachers across the nation implement creationism into their syllabus.

The study also revealed that most biology teachers do not actively teach their students about evolution and that a significant number of them encourage the concept of creationism.

A small thirty percentage of biology teachers talk to their students about evolution in a positive tone and the rest try to avoid the subject due to problems with controversy among both students and parents.

There have been a number of cases of teachers being fired or reprimanded for their actions regarding the teaching of evolution to students of parents who don’t agree.

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The data was assembled from 1,000 total participants and from a nation-wide survey of biology teachers. They were asked to describe what they teach in their classrooms a majority of the time.

Although there were some teachers who said that they followed the recommended evolution outline to teach their students, others went for creationism or dodged the subject altogether out of fear of controversy from parents.

Those teachers who advocated creationism spent around an hour each class session teaching about a higher intelligence in the universe.

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