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Cyber Monday 2010: Be Careful

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Cyber Monday 2010: Be Careful – With the holidays right around the corner, there is no doubt that everyone will be browsing the web for great deals on various items, but it is important to be cautious around this time of year, especially when you are online. Since there will be so many holiday bargains going on, it is crucial to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity, including viruses or malware that could infect your system.

Many people tend to check out these deals while they are at work, which can be a big mistake. Once malware has infected a certain network, it can be quite difficult to get rid of it. Once it is in it will be able to create completely fake websites for the purpose of handing out Trojan viruses.

Pretty much the only way to prevent this kind of malware infection on a business’s network is to limit or completely ban internet use.

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Although this is not a policy which appeals to very many, it is one that is good to adopt. It is important for the IT departments of all companies to send out reminders to employees as to all of the malware and viral threats which exist.

By being more aware of these cyber threats when browsing the web, it will become easier to prevent these things from happening. Once a virus gains access to a network it can cause untold damage, which is why it is so important to be prepared.

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