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*Sponsored Links* – is the official website of “Dateline” that airs on NBC.On tonight’s episode the question was “Does someone owe you money?”

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It is entirely possible that you have money coming to you that you don’t know about. It’s true. Money that you or a family member left behind accidentally many years ago may be sitting in a state treasury account waiting for you to come and claim it. In fact, billions of dollars in unclaimed funds are right now waiting to be claimed. On Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET, Dateline NBC will air some heartwarming stories of Americans who discover they have thousands of dollars in surprise money on the way.
The problem is, many heartwarming stories are turning into heartaches, as con arists and manipulators are swarming around the missing money, sometimes tricking unwitting consumers into surrendering one-third of the funds for little or no work. Many would-be middlemen buy lists state offices then contact consumers offering to recover the funds for a sizable fee. While there are legitimate companies who do this, the industry is generally unsavory, says Shane Osborn, president of the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators.
‘Even prisoners’ getting in on the scams
“We even have prisoners requesting these lists (and making money),” he said. “They really target the elderly with this, tell them they’ll lose the money if they don’t act right away. They take advantage of people who aren’t informed.

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