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Direct-Download Sites Linked To Piracy

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A recent study revealed that the most-visited sites for digital piracy are those which provide direct downloads for video files, not Bittorrent websites as was previously believed.

MarkMonitor is a website which specializes in what they call enterprise brand protection, recently released reports of three specific websites which are causing the most trouble:,, and; combined these websites total around 21 billion views each year.

All of these websites yield around 146 million page views every single day and total around 781 million hits each year.

The report which was released broke down the websites into a few different categories: counterfeit goods which are essentially pharmaceutical drugs, illegal digital music/movies, and pirated digital content.

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There are certain websites such as where the videos are viewable online through Flash player and not downloadable which is the case with most every other website that is being watched for digital piracy.

There are a number of people who feel strongly about internet piracy on both ends, and the topic is a very hot one that is controversial.

The terms of service for the website Rapidshare specifically state that violations of third party copyrights are not prohibited whatsoever; however there are still many people who put illegal downloads up.

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