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Direct TV Customer Service Fixed

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Direct TV Customer Service Fixed – Direct TV announced that a transmission glitch that many of their users experienced early on Tuesday morning has been patched up and fixed. It was a difficult day for the company, as the glitch caused many of their customers televisions to remain stuck on a single channel, leaving them unable to browse to different channels. The customer service department at the enterprise was quickly overloaded with work, and pretty soon no customers were able to get through to customer service at all. Searches on Google reached an all time high for keywords relating to the company as users tried to figure out exactly what was wrong with their TV.

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The company announced that they had fixed the problem. Those customers who were affected were individuals that used high definition digital video recorders. In their statement, they stated that the glitch only affected those with HD DVR’s. Direct TV apologized for the mix up, and stated that they have corrected the problem.
Customers do not have to reset their service to receive the update, but many are still upset that the problem even occurred in the first place. It is unclear how this will effect the company in the long term and DirecTV representatives are likely hoping that it will be an isolated incident that will not continue to cause problems for their customers.

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