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Do Not Call Register Founder Tim Muris Joins Facebook

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Do Not Call Register Founder Tim Muris Joins Facebook – The former creator of the Do not Call Registry is now working for Facebook, according to recent reports. It The former FTC chairman Timothy Muris and creator of Do not Call Registry will apparently clean up the poplur site.It was a signal that Facebook is taking recent privacy concerns very seriously, with the hiring of a man who worked for the Bush administration.In response to recent allegations that the social networking platform has not done enough to ensure the privacy of their users, Facebook hired Timothy Muris, a lawyer and ultimate privacy expert, having dealt with many different kids of privacy concerns over the years.

According to a biography from his Washington law firm. Muris dedicated almost four decades of his life as a defender of consumer rights, including a three year stint at the director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection under President Reagan. One of the largest achievements that he made in his time as the FTC director was the creation of the National Do Not Call Registry. The Registry protects individuals against repeated unwanted callers and telemarketers who are trying to sell them things. He was the recipient of a nationally recognized award for his contributions to the antitrust law.
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Google also faced a number of security concerns in recent months. First of all, their GMail email service inadvertently may have exposed the information of some users. Later, when Google launched Google Buzz, a bug allowed users to see who their common email correspondents were with. While none of the emails themselves were leaked, the problems posed a security concern nevertheless.

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