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Droid Incredible HTC

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Droid Incredible HTC – It looks like Google will not be slowing down with mobile releases any time soon. This week, the barrage of Google phone releases continued when the HTC Droid was unveiled on Verizon’s website. The phone had not yet been announced when it was added to Verizon’s web page. It is unclear why the company chose to place a preview on their website prior to actually announcing the phone, but several technology blogs took notice before the company could release a statement on the subject. The company allowed users to read the phones user’s manual, see shots of the phone in Verizon’s system, and revealed different features that the phone will have.

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The phone will be the Droid Incredible, and is currently slated for an April 29th release. After the initial leak of the preview pane, the company updated their website with information regarding the release date of the phone. The Droid has quickly become one of the iPhone’s largest competitors, and seem to be sweeping a rug out from under the marketplace with so many phone releases in such a short period of time. In the past Apple has criticized the company for entering the mobile market, claiming that it was bad business because Apple and other large companies have not entered the Internet search market.
Shortly after the information leaked online, the website became password protected. Representatives for the company have not commented on the leak and it was unclear if the information was placed on the website because of employee error not.

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