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Droid Pro Motorola

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Droid Pro Motorola – The Motorola Droid Pro, which has been described by some as a “Blackberry Killer,” was recently sent out to a number of news organizations for review. So far, the reviews have been stellar for the most part. The phone has a design that is very similar to that of the BlackBerry, They certainly were not trying to hide the fact that they were attempting to squeeze in on the BlackBerry market.

It has a vertical physical keyboard, and the Pro is ready for one handed texting. With the recent popularity of touch screens, it can be hard for a physical keyboard to break into the market, but it is very comfortable in the hands and has simplified the texting process. The phone isn’t all that eye-catching, but to its merit, it is very lightweight, which is something that the business professional will enjoy.

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The Pro also has a number of other features for business users. It has VPN support for a number of profiles, including enhanced data encryption for the phone and the MicroSD card. Along with those features, it has a built in task manager so that you do not have to download a third party application, exchange based device management and advanced password protection.
It has all of the features of a BlackBerry with a few extras that could potentially make the Droid Pro more ideal for business than its predecessors. Many different companies have been trying to break into the business market in the way that BlackBerry has, but the Motorola Droid Pro may actually be the first to do so.

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