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E-books vs. Print:Take Longer To Read

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E-books vs. Print:Take Longer To Read – With the introduction of the latest developments in technology like the Kindle or the iPad, ebooks have become a very popular way to read your favorite books and magazines. The Kindle and iPad from Apple have provided reliable ways to download entire books onto your device and read them through the easy to navigate screen. The devices have even implemented cutting edge technology to make the text and page layout appear similar to how a real book would.

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However, with every great product comes minimal unfortunate news. The Kindle and iPad will just have to suffer through the negative feedback. Reports suggest that reading books through “ebooks” on electronic devices take longer to read on average than if you read the book through a printed version. Jakob Nielsen is the product development manager at Nielsen Norman Group and he discovered the alarming news when he was performing routine polls through surveys of consumers.
The study investigated even further into the issue to find that reading ebooks on the iPad was close to 6.2 percent slower than if you read from a printed version. For the Kindle, results show an alarming 10.7 percent decline. Nielsen did comment that the differences are not substantial and could have been affected by the visibility settings of each device which basically means that the iPad is not necessarily a faster read than the Kindle. Fortunately, this is not a huge number but if you like speed, it might significantly impact the amount of time it takes you to finish a book or magazine.
There were close to 25 participants in the study and the group was sent through a process of reading short stories on the Kindle, iPad, computer and in print. The results were consistent but still not entirely reliable.

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