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Ebook Sales Big Increase

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The internet is showing it’s power once again as the Association of American Publishers released a report that shows ebook sales increased by 115 percent in January 2011 as compared to the same month last year.

This report states that ebooks hauled in $69.9 million in January 2011 alone compared to $32.4 million in January 2010. Sales of hardcover books continue to drop and this shows the shifting market and need for ebooks and ebook reading devices.

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Sales of adult hardcover books fell from $55.4 million in January 2010 down to $49.1 million in 2011. Paperback adult books dropped 30 percent in the same time period according to the publishing group. However the report states that sales in the higher education category held on dropping from $387.6 million in January 2010 to $382 million for January 2011.

These trends are of great importance as the shifting power base of the publishing industry is going from cliques and “old boy” and “old girl” networks of friends and associates to a power base of average citizens who can easily reach the public via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. As seen recently with a young author named Amanda Hocking who has sold well over half a million ebook novels on her own with no advertising. That puts just due fear in the hardcover publishing industry that held an iron grip on it’s authors but now are fighting for survival as the playing field has changed.

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