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Elcomsoft’s New Password Recovery Technique Uses CPU And GPU Together

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Russian security software firm Elcomsoft (that I ‘m sure you already heard of in 2001 and 2002) has discovered a password recovery technique and has filed for a US patent.
Elcomsoft ‘s avant-garde,technology can perform password recovery 25 times faster than existing CPU-only approaches thanks to nVidia’s $800 graphics card called the GeForce 8800 Ultra.
Their amazing technique for cracking computer passwords is additionally possible by kindly combining the power of a PC’s Central Processing Unit (CPU) and its video card’s Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

Creating cheap off-the-shelf computer graphics hardware/software that will work like supercomputers when recovering lost passwords.
Back in February Elcomsoft launched of their NVIDIA’s CUDA development kit had nothing but success, I am betting their new software will sell even more.

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