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Embedding YouTube Videos Could Be A Crime

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The US Senate has a bill 978 that expands or amends the present criminal copyright laws for people who embed videos such as from YouTube.

It all depends on if the video itself infringes on someone else’s copyright. That means if you embed any video that turns out to be copyrighted by someone else you could be facing up to five years in jail and a fine.

100s of millions of people embed videos from video sites. That’s how the video sites get so much traffic. From videos of puppies playing with babies to major news and sporting events. This new amendment would abolish that practice altogether by adding a pall of possible criminal prosecution if the video belongs to someone else.

Not everyone can tell if a video is copyright protected. Nowadays it’s as if you just visit a website you’re turned into a global criminal. It could in effect be used to punish people who link to other news stories or even other websites. It all sounds like a witch hunt that will prevent people from sharing information especially if it is a threat to the political arena.

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In addition even streaming some information could land someone in jail.

The bill is backed by Senators Amy Klobuchar, John Cornyn, and Christopher Coons.

It is unlikely this bill will be passed into law because it’s so convoluted and in itself would infringe on more rights than it would protect. It’s another case of punishing the public for the lack of enforcement and responsibility of government.

It is a bit heavy handed and Big Brother like but also one’s copyrights need to be respected. Perhaps a better look at the way technology acts in accordance with the need of information without overburdening retaliation

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