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Employers Can Dig Internet Dirt on Applicants

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As was predicted by web experts back in the 1990’s, the US’ FTC has approved a company’s desire to search social media sites for your personal information to send to prospective employers.

This means everything you’ve said or done online on these sites could be accessed by this company in order to send that data to employers who want to know what you’re all about. From Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and more, this company is going to scour your posts and info and fork it over to any company and that means they might use it against you.

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The company is called Social Intelligence Corporation which is using the Fair Credit Reporting Act to do this intrusion and spying.

This is the kind of problem web experts have warned about for years. However all is not lost. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter know they can’t afford to lose customers with these types of intrusions and people who post on their own websites as well as other blogs and forums can easily beat this company and others like it with a barrage of lawsuits that would so clog the courts that the company would be battling them for years to come.

If they make a mistake and report an error that causes someone harm they could be facing additional lawsuits.

So it may be okay via the FTC but it’s only a matter of time before the public strikes back and hard.

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