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Engadget Covers Apple Press Conference

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Engadget Covers Apple Press Conference – Engadget has been covering the annual Apple Press conference with live broadcasts. The company is known for having the inside track on most stories in the tech industry, and their coverage of the Apple event just goes to show how far reaching the tech blog’s influence runs.

Engadget currently runs nine separate websites and was founded by Peter Rojas. Rojas had previously founded the Gizmodo technology weblog. The site was first launched in 2004 and Engadget is a site that is updated multiple times throughout the day with information relating to the most recent news in consumer electronics. They are also known for posting about various rumors regarding the technology industry as well as opinion articles from some of their writers.

Engadget is also famous for their consumer electronics podcast. The podcast was launched just a few months after the site went live, and has been a raving success in the tech community. The podcast is released once per week, and the topics that are covered on it mostly include the latest news from that week in the industry.
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By all accounts their coverage and analysis of the Apple Press Conference has been excellent.
Not only do they report the news, but they are able to offer insight as to why Apple makes the decisions that they do. Most of the writers on their staff have held positions with other well-known blogs and websites and are very experienced in the field of consumer electronics and technology.

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