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ESPN 360 – The Football Network On Your Computer

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ESPN 360 – The Football Network On Your Computer – ESPN 3, which is also known as ESPN 360 is the best place to watch all of the football games that are on today for those of us who do not have access to a TV. The network is only able to be accessed through Internet service providers who have paid to have access to the service. That cost is then passed onto the customers in the form of a monthly bill.

Usually, the site is up to date with all of the sporting events that are broadcasting over the ESPN channels on your television. It is a great way for those of us without cable to still watch all of our favorite football games from the comfort of our computer.

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ESPN 3 also allows individuals who are accessing the site from a college and university, or military IP address to watch the games free of charge. Previously the site had mostly contained footage of previous sporting events, but they recently changed directions and have started catering to live events.
The site will have has many as 10 live games streaming on their site at any given time. This allows customers to take a look at a number of different games, effectively “switching channels” from one game to another. It will be interesting to see how ESPN continues to expand their ESPN 3 service in the coming months. The service has become very popular since they switched their focus to live games.

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