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Established – ABC’s Nightline recently did an interesting story on a famous website named The website is said to specialize in hooking up hot young golddiggers with men of wealth who are looking for that special companion in their lives. It is assumed that sex is part of the deal in most of these hook ups, but should the website really be considered prostitution? That fact is up for debate, and has caused a very vocal response from the community that watched the recent episode of Nightline.

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“Established Men connects ambitious and attractive girls with successful and generous benefactors to fulfill their lifestyle needs.” their website says.
The website claims that despite how freely they state that they are attempting to hook up young, attractive women with rich and successful men, they are not engaging in prostitution because both parties know what the site is about, and that the site is not a direct exchange of sex and money. Most of the men on the site reportedly aren’t looking for relationships, and some of them could even be married.
It has been described as The Ladders meets, but with a bit of a twist. The definition of prostitution, the exchange of sexual favors for money and goods, seems to fall in line with the description of their service on their website.

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