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Extreme Super Moon on March 19 2011

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March 19 will be the rise of the Super Moon a phenomena that occurs when the Moon will be closest to Earth aka lunar perigee and it will be a new or full moon. These two events have been called a Super Moon.

It’s sure lots of astronomers and folks with the cameras will be out in force to get the best pics and videos of this rare event that happens only a handful of times per century.

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As scary as it sounds it’s at least not as bad as an “extreme Super Moon” which is when the moon is at 100% greater mean perigee instead of 90% mean perigee which will happen on March 19.

Of course there are some that are trying to use the natural event as a means to scare the public with cries of doomsday and massive tides and other such nonsense but scientists haven’t put out a cry for concern as of yet.

As we know that the Moon has an influence on the weather and oceans as well as other Earthly factors so it will be interesting to see if anything out of the ordinary occurs on March 19.

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