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Eye-Fi Eye-Fi Pro X2

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Eye-Fi Eye-Fi Pro X2 – Yesterday Eye-Fi announced that they are re-engineering their Eye-Fi card wireless SD card. This is going to upgrade these cards all around and will allow them to perform many more functions, at a much better rate than the cards were previously able to. The experience with these cards in the past was often slow, due to uploading issues that were not supported by the card. The amount of memory that the cards had previously held was only 4GB, which is much lower than other popular cards in the industry. Cards as high as 32GB are available nearly anywhere now, and the company had really fallen behind on the times with their latest technology releases.

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The card has a completely new design. It will increase the speed of not only downloads, but uploads with the card as well. The card will also come standard with 8GB of space on it, double what was offered with the previous version of the card. The card also integrates a 802.11n radio that will allow better photo and video upload speeds. You will also be able to access Wi-Fi from a greatest distance away. The card can handle a number of different picture and video formats including JPEG, PNG and RAW data formats for both uploads and downloads.
The card comes on the heels of many complaints by customers who use the card. Uploading with this card has been described as ‘tedious’ and ‘painful’ by users on their own website. The upgrade, even if it is a minor one, will make many of their customers much more happy and will speed up the use of the card in all fields including downloading, uploading and the ability to find Wi-Fi in hot spot locations.

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