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Facebook 2009 Revenue : $800M

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Facebook 2009 Revenue : $800M – Facebook is a company that has struggled to reach profitability in their short life time, but their $800 million revenue is 2009 is a huge step forward for the social networking platform super site. Nearly all of that money is generated using the advertising that are shown while users browse the service. A number that large is probably expected from a giant like Facebook, but it certainly is much more than they have ever made before. In fact, early projections had them at around $500 million, which still would have been quite a feat for the worlds largest website.

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The network currently has half a billion users. They have also been fairly mum about their financial status over the course of their first six years. The privately held company, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, have worked very hard to create a solid user experience while still generating a large amount of money. He has said that he is in no rush to make brash decisions with his company, and that he likes the direction that they are currently heading.
A number of people have anticipated that Facebook will go public in 2011, which would leave the company open for investors to put their money in. It would be interesting to see how going public would change the company as a whole. They certainly would have more money to play around with and expand with once they reach a certain level.

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