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Facebook, A Relationship Trouble Factor: US Lawyers

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Can Facebook, the most popular website in history be the cause of family and marital problems?
That’s what experts are saying.

In brief, the American divorce lawyers and academics have teamed up with Middle East analysts in point to the social networking giant as the source of relationship problems and to the extent that even lawyers are demanding their clients’ show them their Facebook pages as part of their proceedings.

A survey attributed to the American Academy of matrimonial Lawyers or the AAML reportedly discovered that four out of five lawyers reported that an increase of divorce cases involved information gleaned from social networking sites in the past five years alone and Facebook is the number one source.

From infidelity to custody battles the social networking site Facebook outdistanced it’s fellow sites like MySpace and Twitter by a large margin. Although the number of divorces is the same, the effect of Facebook is now a major part of the process.
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This shows that Facebook and social networking sites have a caveat to consider by all using them. As the process is new, people may not know the vulnerabilities of using them.

It’s got to be a new twist the public and law have to take into account.

The key thing here is that divorce rates aren’t changing but the finger pointing has. So Facebook wouldn’t be the cause of divorces, it’s would be better to say that Facebook as a communication system is being used by people to bolster their divorce intentions that they would have done so regardless.

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