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Facebook Ad Program Angers Users

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Facebook users are complaining that the newly added marketing program is publicizing their purchases for friends to see.
Many members of the website reported that they have noticed a small box that appears on a corner of their Web browsers following purchases at Fandango, Overstock and other online retailers.
The box alerts users that information is about to be shared with Facebook unless they click on “No Thanks.”but they can easily miss it if they quickly click away to visit a friend’s page or check e-mail.
Matthew Helfgott, 20, a college student who discovered his girlfriend just bought him black leather gloves from Overstock for Hanukkah said:

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“People should be given much more of a notice, much more of an alert,”. “She said she had no idea (information would be shared). She said it invaded her privacy.”

The girlfriend was declining interviews, Helfgott added.

An Inc. spokesman said no one was immediately available for comment.

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