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Facebook Announcement : Download Your Information

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Facebook Announcement : Download Your Information – Facebook has made an announcement regarding future changes and additions to the site, with three new features to be added to improve user functions, privacy and to give facebook users more of what they want. The new features allow more flexible and choice for users when giving out their information on the website, and other sites.

One of the main new features announced will be the ‘Groups’ feature. What this feature will do, is allow users to put their friends into separate groups, such as work, friends, family etc. The user will then be able to choose what group receives what information, and what information they will receive from the group. Currently, many users want to share certain information, but feel as if they can’t as they may not want one of their certain social groups to find out what is being posted.

“There’s a huge amount of sharing people want to do,” said Zuckerberg, who also said that currently, many users feel inhibited by the current system, and wish to share more of their life with certain people of their choosing, not allow everyone to read or know their particulars.

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Users who have their accounts verified will also be able to use a new feature called “Download Your Information”. Verified users will be able to download their information and activities, and transfer them to other sites.

“Philosophically, that’s a core thing that people want from Facebook,” Zuckerberg said. “People want to be able to easily take their information to another service and do that in safe way.”

A new dashboard for applications will also be brought in, to allow users to see what apps they use, and to make it easier to delete unwanted apps.

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