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Facebook Bing Search Partnership

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Facebook Bing Search Partnership – Facebook and Microsoft are looking to deepen their search ties, likely in an effort to compete in search with Google, a company that has effortlessly dominated the marketplace over the course of the last decade. They are looking to tap into the social connections between individuals on Facebook in order to secure a larger portion of the search market. Facebook, which is already a site that is as visited as Google on the web, is looking to introduce search features that would make it so their users do not have to migrate to Google in order to search the web.

However, the sharing of personal data on Facebook could lead to future privacy concerns. The social networking giant has already come under fire for privacy errors on their website that has left the information of some individuals exposed at times, and they are likely looking for a way to work with Microsoft that would not draw any more negative attention to their privacy features.

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They responded to those skeptical by saying that all of the information that they would share has already been made public by the users, and is already out there for people to look at anyway. Officials with the company have declined to comment on their relationship with Microsoft, but have acknowledged that both companies are looking together. In 2007, Microsoft invested $240 million in Facebook, which earned them a 1.6% stake in the company at the time. Facebook maintains that their social connections could make certain types of search results more relevant.

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