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Facebook Boycott BP Page Removed

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Facebook Boycott BP Page Removed – Facebook has faced numerous complaints from fans lately. Their latest controversy with the extremely popular social networking site regards their in-compliance with the oil giant BP page. Facebook reportedly disabled the page from their website. Facebook officials spoke out about what happened and said that the page was “accidentally removed.” Could the page have been deleted in error? They say that technological glitches within the framework of the website caused the unfortunate glitch but that it has since been restored and the page is back to new.
The Boycott BP page was controversial in itself. It’s highly possible that Facebook saw the page as a threat to their foundation and decided to remove the page only to realize that it would start and epidemic and then they fixed the issue. The BP page was aimed to gather a huge boycott group for BP stations and brands all around the world. The boycott page was created in reaction to the huge oil catastrophe that happened in the Gulf of Mexico.

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These types of disasters can be avoided and changed if we speak out about it, at least that’s the view from the boycott BP group. The spill is still yet to be cleaned up and the group plans to keep on rallying until it is. The companies that are affected by the boycott are Castrol, Arco, Aral, Amoco, am/pm and Wild Bean Cafe.
The group has already managed to rally over 700,000 members and is still growing strong. However, the page went down on Monday and if you tried to visit the page you would be redirected to the Facebook homepage. Some are suggesting that this doesn’t seem like a glitch at all, but rather that the page was purposely removed.

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