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Facebook Breakup Notifier App

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The new application known as “Loewenherz” has a lot of people online talking.

It is apparently a breakup notifier app for the social networking site Facebook and it allows you to be immediately notified if someone who you like gets out of a relationship so you can move in for the kill.

While some people are regarding this new app as being a little bit creepy and stalker-like, there are others who think it is somewhat sweet.

There is no doubt that the application will get used by many who are waiting for the moment when the person they like is freed up again and back on the dating scene.

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All you have to do to use the app is simply log into Breakup Notifier and you will be able to select whoever you want so you will be instantly notified if they change their relationship status to single.

This is an application which will definitely come in handy for all of those people who are waiting for people they know to break up with the people they are currently with and it is already generating a lot of gossip on the web with numerous people talking about how it is either creepy or useful, depending on who you talk to.

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