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Facebook Comment Button Replaced

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Fans of the global social networking website Facebook may find themselves with a new option when commenting on their friends’ posts. The site has replaced the “comment” button with a new feature that in order to submit their typed comment replies all they’ll have to do is hit “enter”.

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This might be a pain if you’re typing and hit “enter” to go to the next line as you may end up inadvertently submitting your post before finishing it. To combat this Facebook has allowed a new “edit” option that allows users to change their comments after posting them.

It’s a new feature some may or may not have had instituted and it’s been said that some users aren’t happy with the changes. In order to post via this new method you’ll need to hold down the “shift” key while holding down “enter”. This is sure to annoy users no end and why Facebook would alter the already successful format they have escapes logic.

Considering that Facebook is the most popular communication system on Earth, anytime a change is made it sends reverberations throughout the globe.

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