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Facebook Depression Phenomenon

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It was bound to happen that a psychological disorder would be assigned to Facebook users. In this case it’s assigned to teens who obsess over the social networking phenomenon.

It’s the American Academy of Pediatrics that puts out this cautionary tome saying that teens might basically be overwhelmed with data regarding the amount of friend requests, peer pressure, status updates, and the association of seeing others happy and cheerful when the teen viewing the info might not.

These comparisons the teenagers make are natural and would occur had there been a Facebook or not.

However, because we’re talking mass media here in a venue not available before social networking, the results are looking at how the feelings that normally would be felt are now compounded to the point of overwhelming the child.

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The researchers found that the parents have to take an active participation in their children’s online social networking and look for the signs of depression such as “stomach aches, lot of headaches, I’m sick I don’t want to go to school, low energy, fatigue, trouble sleeping,” explained Dr. Ken Ensroth of the Academy.

Needless to say, because science and the media are becoming more of our lives the effects of the new

technologies need to be monitored just in case something does go wrong. We humans have our foibles but now the age of computers and mass media can be overwhelming both solving problems and exacerbating them.

This is going to take lots of communication between parents, kids, and good wisdom.

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