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Facebook Dislike Button Scam Warning

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Facebook Dislike Button Scam Warning – There has been a call for Facebook to create a “dislike” button for awhile, which has sparked groups with millions of members hoping to coax the social networking site into making one to pair with their “like” selection.

But Facebook is warning that a small group of users have been targeted in a scam that promises to allow them to install the button for completing a small survey. The survey allows the scammers to gain money from convincing others to submit their answers.

This is far from an isolated occurrence. These scams are common, and are becoming especially frequent on Facebook, where people are asked to join groups or visit sites for pictures, videos, or other “prizes”.

While many know better than to go for these, which are also seen in popups, on other social networking sites, or in random links generated by well known websites, some have not yet come across the scam, and so are vulnerable.

This is made worst by the fact that many are passed on by Facebook friends, some who have had their accounts ‘phished’, or hacked by a third party who was able to steal their password through an application.

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Facebook has warned users that if something like a button does not come directly from them, you should not attempt to download it. Survey scams are the least of the dangers on the web, and malware commonly infects computers using these tactics.

If you suspect that your account has been used by a phisher, you should warn all people on your friends list and immediately change your password.

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