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Facebook Dominating The Internet

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Facebook Dominating The Internet – Recent statistics which were gathered suggests that around 25 percent of all page views on the internet in the U.S are directed at the social networking website Facebook. Google, in comparison with Facebook’s 10 percent share, only has 7 percent as well as Youtube with 3. Facebook has nearly half a billion users with people all over the world who visit it multiple times each day, account for the unbelievable statistics. The social networking website has more daily visits and shares than just about any other single site on the internet, including the still-popular Twitter.

Some of the competing websites that have failed to overshadow Facebook include Myspace and Friendster.

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Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, is doing what is being called “colonizing” the internet to bring everyone into what he calls the new digital age. As with all colonization that occurs, there are multiple problems raised, such as what if the social networking website becomes too powerful or there is social unrest among members. In the not-so-distant future we could see this website begin to dominate other aspects of the internet besides just offering status updates and email accounts to people on the web. It is a growing concern which competitors are becoming more and more worried about.

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