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Facebook Facial Recognition

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Facebook users are concerned about a new facial recognition feature that the company has implemented that scours photos so that pictures can be used to point out friends in tag suggestions.

Without any fanfare, Facebook has implemented this feature that has many concerned about the growing eroding of privacy with the world’s number one social networking site.

Facebook had announced in December that they would be introducing the feature and did say on Tuesday that it was available widely.

The problem here is that other companies like Google and and Apple Inc that use facial recognition software have options for people to turn them on or off. Facebook’s software is independent of user control which has experts in online privacy raising eyebrows of concern.

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These situations with Facebook harken back to the early days of America Online that would often get into trouble by changing menus, procedures and more and then having to apologize to users.

Facebook is huge with over half a billion people using it, however, if they continue to anger their members with security and privacy issues, another company will come along and offer the features that users feel comfortable with and we may see a drop in Facebook memberships and a migration to a more friendly place to network. If that happens it would shatter Facebook’s stock supremacy and companies like Microsoft and others would just love it.

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