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Facebook Hacker Arrested in Britain

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It wasn’t long for the long arm of the law to start busting these hackers that have been running amok all over the web and now in Britain a Facebook hacker has been arrested and is about to extradited to the US.

The mere idea of the fate awaiting this hacker is too chilling to comprehend.

It was a tip from the US’ FBI that led British authorities to nail the 26 year old hacker. It was the legendary Scotland Yard and its e-crime unit that followed through after a lengthy investigation.

The Scotland Yard e-crime unit has been gaining quite the notoriety as their detectives and technicians are chalking up quite a number of arrests. It appears that the days of hacking are coming to a brutal and unmerciful end as whenever you catch one big hacker they’ll give up the other hackers who helped them along the way.

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Hackers who get arrested may face sentences of up to ten years depending on what they’ve done, however, the one thing hackers make a mistake of is that when they engage in hacking and it affects a minor or a member of government or law enforcement, the charges and penalties can be unmerciful especially if it’s established that the hacking attempt led to injury or mental anguish.

Nowadays hackers who get busted sit in jail figuring they’ll be out in a few years until the parent of minors they’ve ripped off or terrorized come forward with their lawyers. The lawsuits and criminal charges can be overwhelming leaving the hackers broke for life.

Hackers need to be aware that the fun and games of the old days are over and with better detectives and greater power given to the prosecutors and courts as well as the animosity of the public, the romance and glamor associated with hacking has ended and juries and judges aren’t about to be merciful.

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