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Facebook Interpublic $200-$300 Million Stake

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Facebook has turned into the biggest monster money maker of recent times and to look at who owns part of the social networking giant is quite enlightening.

It’s revealed that the advertising group, Interpublic Group actually has an ownership stake in Facebook to the tune of about $200 to $300 million so says The Financial Times.

Now mind you, that number may seem mind boggling but get this, even with a $300 million stake in Facebook the site is so huge that $300 million is only, just less of a half percent.

Less than a half percent! That’s 0.4 percent.

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That shows how huge Facebook has grown and it’s owner Mark Zuckerberg must not only be rolling in dough he could never run out.

Facebook has had it’s problems with people trying to sue it for any reason whatsoever and it is turning into the Microsoft of its day, following Google which is now probably going to buy the Earth if Facebook doesn’t beat them to it.

It will be interesting to see where Facebook’s money will be going when all is said and done.

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