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Facebook Investors Leaving?

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Look out Wall Street!

A report says that some Facebook shareholders are looking at offloading $1 billion worth of their shares on the secondary market that could bring the value of the company to $70 billion.

Some of the investors figure that Facebook couldn’t possibly grow to the level that it’s valued at and that is why they’re looking to cash in early. They tried to offload their shares when the company was valued at $90 billion which put Facebook past Time Warner Inc and News Corp combined.

The deal is waiting to be approved by Facebook big wigs.

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On reflection we’re looking at something interesting here. Are the investors smelling something the rest of the community is unaware of? They’re concerned Facebook won’t grow but the same was said about Google. Facebook, like Google, has enough money to invest in other ventures that could generate even greater capital. Like, what if Facebook had a phone like the Android.

Facebook is in no way near falling apart but these short term investors are just looking for quick money and if they’re not smart they may lose out in the long run.

Some of the big time investors are chilling out and waiting to see what happens with Facebook before investing. In all honesty they may have missed the gravy train when Facebook first offered shares.

No one knows what is cooking behind the scenes of Facebook and what investments they’ve got going. At any moment they could break out with a new device that upsets the industries as a whole.

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