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Facebook iPad App Rumor

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Facebook fans are sitting on the edge of their seats as Mark Zuckerberg the head of Facebook has announced that something ‘awesome’ is going to happen next week to the social networking site.

With over 600 million users on Facebook, anything he launches is going to be seen and used by that many people.

Speculation abounds as some feel he’ll be launching features for mobile devices, starting a new search engine, adding live video to posts, who knows what it is but whatever it is, Zuckerberg will make a fortune at it.

Most people just want the Facebook apps for their mobile devices but there’s no telling what this new surprise might be.

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Needless to say the media and Facebook users will be chomping at the bit as the suspense grows and markets look for opportunities to capitalize on anything that Facebook does.

Facebook has so much money now that it’s like a country unto itself. One company makes that much money, far more than most countries in the world and not only that, if Facebook was a country it would be the third largest only after China and India.

Markets will be terrified if Facebook launches a suite of products like a search engine, mobile apps, and more in one fell swoop. It would topple empires like an earthquake at a dominoes game.

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