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Facebook Parties Banned in Germany?

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Germany is ready to outlaw what are called “Facebook Parties” due to several incidents of people getting out of control and causing damage and injury.

The parties occur when people promote a party but don’t stop to adjust their privacy settings or don’t realize the ramifications of what they’re doing.

In several cases not only in Germany, hundreds if not thousands of people show up at private parties and venues meant for a smaller crowd after hearing about it all via Facebook.

In the US, small riots have broken out when people showed up en masse to these wild parties causing civil unrest, property damage and some injuries to civilians and police.

Some of the opponents of the ban on Germany’s Facebook Parties say they need to be more specific in which venues to ban but didn’t say how they would achieve such precise banning procedures.

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These Facebook get-togethers may one day turn out deadly as gangs are using social networking to coordinate strikes against rivals and to crash parties or to go rampaging through the streets. With almost a billion people on Facebook there is no way that it can police so many people. That’s why laws are being considered to limit the size of social networking sites to only those numbers of people the network itself can police and dish out customer support to.

It would mean a massive breakup of Facebook and other social sites to manageable numbers that police could deal with an respond to.

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