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Facebook Phone

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Facebook Phone – Is Facebook in the process of building a secret phone? A number of inside sources have come forward in recently to report that Facebook is building a secret phone that they have kept under wraps since the beginning of development. It would certainly be an interesting path for the company to take, and many have wondered if the phone will include special Facebook integration that other phones would not have.

One year ago news broke that Google was working on a phone of their own as well, and it was later revealed as the Nexus One. Many companies have kept the fact that they are working on a phone under wraps until development is almost complete. This could be because the companies do not know for sure that they can compete in the market. Facebook is probably feeling threatened by the iPhone and Android platforms and is looking to put a competitor out onto the market.

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Now, they are looking to integrate the contacts list deeply with Facebook friends, which is something Facebook will only be able to do if they have control over the operating system. It would be interesting to see if the company released their own platforms for phone similar to the way that android was launched. Google seemed to use the Nexus One as a launching pad for testing of their own mobile operating system. Now, Facebook is looking to do the same. Facebook’s creation has been rumored since the company stopped creating apps for the iPhone platform.

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