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Facebook Privacy Settings Changed

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Facebook Privacy Settings Changed – Facebook is reportedly considering changes to their privacy settings, after suffering a barrage of complaints in recent weeks from users who have said that the service does not offer enough in the way of privacy. Facebook recently said that the users had stated that the social networking website had made adjusting a users privacy settings too complex. They responded by saying that they were working on a solution, and asked that users keep an eye out for changes to their privacy system.

They have also come under first from government organizations, who said that it was too easy to access user information through their website. In fact, in many cases you could see information including addresses and phone numbers that a user had placed on their profile without first adding them as a friend. You had to adjust your privacy settings before allowing just anyone to look at your profile.
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Several polls made it clear that users were not happy with the current arrangement, and that Facebook had to do something in order to put an end to the concerns. Many users have stated that Facebook does not allow them enough control over the data that is placed on the website, and the control that they do offer is awkward and hard for the everyday user to understand. Some users had even planned a massive “Leave Facebook Day,” where users would delete their profiles and stop using the service. While most of these efforts were small and isolated, they still pose a huge concern for the social networking platform’s future.

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