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Facebook Subscribe To New User Feature

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Facebook Subscribe To New User Feature – We all know that Facebook, along with Twitter are one of the most popular social networking websites around at the moment. As well as this, we are no strangers to all of the new features that are being tested out by the website. We have seen many new features come and go, and Facebook have decided to test another one out. The new feature that they are currently testing is the “subscribe to”. This new feature will allow users to subscribe to specific friends so that they can receive notifications whenever that particular friend updates any part of their profile.

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This includes things like their status, profile information, and also photos among other things. The new feature is going to be tested on a small amount of the people who use Facebook regularly. However, whilst many people are going to like the idea of this new Facebook feature, there has also been a lot of criticism. For a start, many people are saying that what Facebook are actually putting in place is a stalking tool. You can certainly see where they would get that idea from!

It seems as though this new feature is going to be a little bit like Marmite. You either love it, or you really hate it. A lot of people are going to love it, but it looks as though many people are going to hate it too.

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