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Facebook Sued Over Intifada Page

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Sometimes being rich is bad enough. That’s the case here in this story about the popular social networking site “Facebook” that is reportedly being sued for $1 billion by an attorney from the US, named Larry Klayman.

Klayman filed the suit in DC Superior Court last Thursday saying the website has a page that supported violence against Jews.

The page, “Third Palestinian Intifada” grabbed up over 340,000 “likes” since it was put up and called for a May 15 global assault against Jews.

Fortunately the page was removed from Facebook early last week.

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Klayman who also founded the right wing group Judicial Watch says that Facebook didn’t act fast enough in regards to removing the offensive post in question.

Why Klayman is suing for $1 Billion is unknown. He may be trying to just make a stand or he’s out for money.

It might be funny if it’s found out that Klayman or one of his supporters put the page up on Facebook in the first place just to start some trouble.

It’s a shame that cyberspace has to be the place for Earth based problems.

It’s like no matter where we humans go, we will bring our petty squabbles and hatreds along the way ruining the fun we could be having.

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