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Facebook Used To Get Criminals

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Here’s another situation that might make Facebook and other social networking fans want to change things around as it’s been learned that federal investigators in Detroit, Michigan have actually obtained search warrants to access the Facebook accounts of people they suspect as criminals.

The warrants let the feds see everything on a person’s Facebook page including all personal data, GPS locations, friends, phone numbers, and more.

This latest move by the authorities is raising eyebrows and concerns regarding privacy issues.

Since this is new territory that has come into conflict with civil libertarian advocates. The authorities have raided social networking accounts before and with much success as criminals have been apprehended and put away.

Experts in privacy regarding the protections Americans have against unreasonable search and seizure say the trend is disturbing but again this is a matter of how severe the crimes committed and the authority’s needs to get that social networking information.

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On the other hand, civil libertarian advocates are petitioning Facebook and other sites to disclose to the members how many times requests to get info from a member occur.

This is scary in that let us say a Facebook friend you’ve not seen since grade school is involved in some criminal activity and has you listed as a friend. Some over enthusiastic detective might come after you. Will they get a warrant for your account because you’re unaware of the activities of others?

How about that celebrity in your friend’s list? Like what if Lindsay Lohan had been a friend and stolen that necklace she’s accused of and the cops came looking for you?

This trend of federal intrusion will be important to watch as it’s sure some incidents will occur where the privilege will be abused.

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