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Facebook Users Are Insecure and Narcissistic

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Facebook Users Are Insecure and Narcissistic – Facebook and social networking sites are a huge phenomena world wide, and like all trends of this magnitude and size, it’s been the subject of numerous studies and research, and it will be for a little while to come.

The latest study of facebook comes from an undergraduate psychology thesis out of York University in Canada. In this thesis, the author claims that facebook can lowers people’s grades by 20 percent, can cause health problems, jealousy in relationships, cause loss of jobs, amongst other things.

Truth be told, a lot of other factors can contribute to this. Most likely, though, if you, let’s say, lose a job, it’s most likely got something to do with what you have done yourself, and blaming something like facebook just shows much more about you. After all, you control the image you portray on facebook, and what you post on the site. So, blaming something which has no control over your life is quite ridiculous.

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Also found in the study, is that narcissists and low self-esteem sufferers are often the ones who spend the most time on facebook, putting up self-centred posts and comments, and posting planned photos just for the site.

Now, the question. We all know that facebook is here to allow it’s users to be self-centred. It is your page. Now, where is the problem here?

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