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Facebook Video Chat Via Skype

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More news about the upcoming breakthrough secret from Facebook as the rumors spread by it’s owner Mark Zuckerberg has techies and Facebook members chomping at the bit.

Some figured it would be apps for iPads and iPhones but so far the best bet is a new interactive hybrid of Facebook and Skype. This would be a video/chat based system that would ramp up the useability of Facebook and that means you’ll be able to chat with your friends and see them as the same time. Perhaps even conference chats where you can speak to dozens of friends at the same time.

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It would really be a meeting of the billionaire computer nerds as Facebook will team up with Skype which is now owned by Microsoft.

The final announcement will be made on Wednesday and many speculators felt that such a combination of chat with video was necessary as such applications are already available to people who have their own network of friends but don’t have it integrated in their Facebook options.

Facebook with now an estimated 750 million members and rising fast may soon be the central hub of all things internet. If it added a search engine option it could easily rival and perhaps dominate Google. However, Google has it’s own social networking system about to expand and soon the competition could be so fierce that they companies would have to offer discounts and perhaps pay some members to stay.

The battleground for the social networking sphere is now on the rise and furious at that.

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