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*Sponsored Links* – To properly celebrate Father’s Day and to get a serious message across to the millions of fathers in America ,President Obama and his administration has launched a new website called in association with the National Responsible Father Clearinghouse . was created with the following goals in mind – push and encourage fathers to take responsibilities and participate in their kids lives.
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Believe it or not the very conservative TV and radio host Glenn Beck who seems to agree with Obama that fatherhood as the “most important job” has been promoting the site. Indeed a great father in a child’s life is priceless.

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  1. Daniel Simpson | Jun 23, 2010 | Reply

    I was blessed with four children,The CPS services here in WV,has lied so much ,they left a paper trail,and I have it.The law says when someone is attempting to prove the truth of some being bad,that accusie has to show up in court,No here say.Right..All my family have been taken away..Noone asks the kids if they miss their dad..I have proof of Doublejeoperdy,monipulation of a blind person.Jessica and i have been together for five yrs.we have a four yr old and a one yr old.girls..304-920-6647 she will tell you what they did to her,that didnt involve me.We Love Eachother.Ask them…Please,I havn’t got to hold them in seven,months..I have two older children that were told if they told the truth they could be put in a home,I wish u ask them .Danielle became a cutter as the worker said,CPS blames me for the childrens troubles when they don’t live with me..Ive got pictures and more to prove this..Theirs alot more to this..Daniel S. My case has been going on for six yrs,because of Lies..

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