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FBI Seizes Web Servers

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If one of your favorite websites was offline today then you can probably blame the FBI who raided the servers of the DigitalOne company that has web servers in Virginia.

No word as to why the FBI took out the servers and left several websites offline but speculation is that they were after one of the users of the server but disrupted a dozen other users as the servers were shared.

So far the company that got raided is apologizing to it’s clients who in turn are apologizing to their customers as the sites were down for hours.

DigitalOne called the FBI’s efforts “unprofessional” but in all honesty the massive hacking attacks going on around the world may call for such ham-handed tactics.

It took 15 hours for the company to get their clients back online but then some data did trickle out and sure enough, the feds were after the notorious Lulz Security group and any of their compadres. Lulz and the group Anonymous have been riding the cyber network trail causing havoc and crimes from one end of the internet to the other. Like the Jesse James gang of the Wild West their efforts have cost billions of dollars in damage and ruined countless lives.

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The international community is after the two groups and anyone affiliated with them. So far several arrests have been made public but it’s those private arrests that should have Lulz and Anonymous shaking in their shorts. Those arrests involve some high profile members that haven’t told their friends they’ve been arrested as they’re busy cutting deals with the feds to avoid massive prison time and astronomical fines and lawsuits as well as retaliation from people they’ve affected.

Soon, the cyberwar with these two groups is going to come to a catastrophic head and the good guys will win.

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