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Firefox 4 Beta Released

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Firefox 4 Beta Released – Firefox 4 is now available to all users on the main operating systems; however, do not get too excited, as this is just the first beta version.
Mozilla originally said that they expected to release Firefox 4 beta 1 in June, but it has only just been released. For you technological junkies out there, Firefox 4 will be a welcomed addition to the list of your browser options.

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Where have they improved? Well, the first thing you will realize with the new development is it is much quicker than other Firefox versions; however, this was to be expected due to the other main browsers upgrading their speed. It has not been a secret that Firefox have always fallen behind on speed, and because of this ‘customers’ have been switching to other Internet browsers.
Firefox has brought in a couple of ‘new’ features on top of improvement to speed. Firstly, the tabs are now up the top, which may seem like the norm for most Internet browsers, and probably one of the reasons why Firefox decided to change their tabs appearing down the bottom of the screen. However, do not despair, Firefox have left the option to display the tabs in their ‘regular place’ if you do not like the ‘new’ changes. The other feature is a feedback button next to the Firefox search box; this will allow users to report any problems, or anything that you like with the new Firefox.
Some other developments include; a new add-ons manager, crash protection from damaging plugins, and a new HTML 5 parser.
The new Firefox4 is a much needed improvement on the previous versions; however, many will see the update as a way to contest other browsers and not an uptake that overtakes them.

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