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Flying Car : Terrafugia Transition

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Flying Car : Terrafugia Transition – Has anyone ever told you that one day we would be riding around in “flying cars?”
While this may seem far-fetched, it may be closer to reality than you think. The Terrafugia car, a small plane that can drive on roads has been called the first “flying car.” Recently it became one step closer to being street and sky-legal. Wouldn’t it be interesting to ride down the road, take off into the sky and fly to your destination?
The vehicle recently cleared an FDA regulatory hurdle. This hurdle was related to classification by weight. The full production prototype might be the next step for the company, according to recent reports.

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The Massachusetts based company Terrafugia wanted its flying car to be labeled as a light sport aircraft. However, the plane was too heavy and was classified as a step above that. They got around that hurdle today, by dropping the weight. They had previously come in almost 110 pounds overweight. The FAA said that as long as customers are advised that they will be carrying around the extra weight with the lower classification, they will allow the plane to be sold.
The plane first flew last March in New York. The plane can hit a highway speed of 65 MPG, and can transform into an aircraft and less than 30 seconds.
So, is the flying car still such a wild idea? It appears that we may be seeing it sooner than one would think, now that the Terrafugia has the right classification.

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