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Free iPhone 4 Case:iPhone 4 Press Conference

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Free iPhone 4 Case:iPhone 4 Press Conference – Speculation and rumors have been making their way onto the internet as to what Apple may have in store during the press conference they held today.Despite a lot of speculation on the subject, the company will not be recalling any of their iPhone 4’s. After a terrible review from the Consumer Reports, in which they did not recommend the phone to consumers amid reception issues, Apple was looking to fix the problem.
Instead of recalling the phones, they will be offering “bumpers” and cases to users, which will reportedly put an end to the reception issues. Reportedly, when the phone is held in the left hand, you put your hand over the antenna, which blocks coverage.

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Reports about the design flaw have been widespread. Apple initially embraced the conclusion, but later recanted, saying that the problem was in their own algorithm and not with the design of the phone itself. Some have speculated that the company was just staying that to avoid a recall.
A number of reports have questioned when Apple was aware of the design flaw.Though the company has denied that they had any prior knowledge of the design flaw, some have speculated that the company was aware of the flaw even before the launch date, but opted not to push it back.
It will be interesting to see how they continue to handle this situation that has hurt their stock immensely. Though the iPhone has become a part of pop-culture that does not mean that it is without its own flaws.

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