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FTC Do Not Track Plan Push

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Jeff Chester the executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy says, “The Internet has become a serious threat to our privacy.”

He’s talking about the growing issue of surfers being tracked, or stalked whenever the go online to search or buy goods or even look at topics.

These tracking techniques using both legal and illegal procedures and technologies can lead to a profile about you that those of ill intent can use against you.

Companies and individuals can use these techniques to find out about your beliefs, social status, financial information, ethnic information, medical data and your dating or sexual practices.

Sharon Goott Nissim of the Electronic Privacy Information Center says, “Most people have no idea this is going on,” and added, “Your online profile is being sold on the web. It’s kind of crazy and it’s not harmless.”.

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Susan Grand the director of consumer protection at the Consumer Federation of America says, “There are no limits to what types of information can be collected, how long it can be retained, with whom it can be shard or how it can be used,”.

A “Privacy Bill of Rights” is what the Obama Administration wants Congress to pass that would make online companies inform you what information they collect as well as what they do with that information.

The web is still like any other environment, filled with wonders and fraught with dangers and until the authorities act on the dangers surfers will still be vulnerable to those people and organizations that would predate on them.

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