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FTC Sues Intel Corp. For Monopoly Abuse

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FTC sues Intel for alleged monopoly abuse pictures
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FTC Sues Intel Corp. For Monopoly Abuse – Intel Corp. is being sued by the government.The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has announced earlier today that they are suing Intel for “anticompetitive tactics”.FTC officials said:

Intel not only used improper tactics against Advanced Micro Devices Inc.—its longtime competitor in microprocessors—but add allegations that Intel improperly quashed competition from Nvidia Corp. in graphics processing units, or GPUs. Those chips control three-dimensional images in computer games as well as display video on computers, and are increasingly seen an alternative to microprocessors.

Intel’s president is having a bad Christmas,the company was recently forced to pay $1.25 billion in an antitrust settlement with AMD.
How much do you think FTC will make the software giant pay for the violation? Is it right or wrong for the government to be policing the high-tech market?
That’s all we have for now on Intel Corp. FTC Lawsuit.

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